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Tuesday 23rd July 2024
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Our team is experienced in leading training project teams, whether drawn from your own organisation or working with other consultants. Our aim is to ensure that training teams deliver high quality and effective solutions for your projects on time and within budget.

our approach

In our experience, most training projects follow the stages described below (although boundaries may sometimes be blurred and some stages skipped or re-sequenced depending on the size and complexity of the training project and the wider change project that it fits within). Our training management service looks after the process of conducting each of these stages with an on-site experienced senior-consultant.

  • Prepare training strategy to establish the organisational and project requirements at a high level and to integrate training as a core deliverable of any wider change project
  • Develop training project plan in outline including milestones, checkpoints and resources linked to the wider project plan. Develop and manage in detail as an integral part of each subsequent stage
  • Recruit, induct and manage the training team as it develops with each stage
  • Conduct training needs analysis to validate and provide detail to the training strategy using a structured approach such as our 7-step TNA process
  • Scope the process for delivering training, eg specify the systems, processes and resources required to implement the training solution
  • Design and develop training. To manage the design process and training team from induction to testing and production of the complete training package
  • Manage training delivery, including all aspects of instructor team development and knowledge sharing, scheduling, collating feedback and continuous improvement, distribution and version control of materials and management reporting
  • Training review will include the collection, review and reporting of training evaluations (as a minimum up to Kirkpatrick levels 1 & 2) and the monitoring of help-desk activity and the impact of project change requests. It may also go on to a deeper evaluation of training
management of training projects
development of training strategy
conduct of training needs analysis
design, development, build and delivery of training solutions
evaluation of learning
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