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Tuesday 18th June 2024
training consultancy

design, development, build and delivery of training solutions


To manage the design and delivery process from induction of the training team through testing and production to delivery and management of the complete training package.

our approach

  • Recruit and induct training design team
  • Develop training team working principles and values
  • Develop core curriculum based upon job roles and common processes
  • Identify detailed learning outcomes and objectives by training module/session
  • Validate approach with stakeholders
  • Develop branding, content and learning methodology
  • Build training content and materials
  • Validate training materials through focus groups
  • Pilot and initial assessment of training courses with representative users
  • Rework of training materials
  • Conduct knowledge sharing activities with the wider training community
management of training projects
development of training strategy
conduct of training needs analysis
design, development, build and delivery of training solutions
evaluation of learning
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