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Tuesday 23rd July 2024
training consultancy

conduct of training needs analysis


To work in partnership with a project team or training function to define training needs and recommend effective solutions that help the organisation meet its objectives.

our approach

We apply a 7-step process to conducting training needs analysis:

  1. understand the overall business goal
  2. develop process for conducting the needs analysis (eg face-to-face, focus groups, e-enabled surveys, feedback and reporting mechanism)
  3. understand related initiatives (eg new systems, new processes, new roles)
  4. identify desired learning outcomes (organisation, department & individual)
  5. identify current abilities (knowledge, skills, attitudes for the organisation, department & individual)
  6. understand constraining factors (eg resources, timing, culture, learning styles)
  7. develop and report on recommended solutions including:
    • overall approach to the training
    • high level course/module outlines and learning objectives
    • participant population and groups
    • costings for recommended approach and options
    • action plan for achieving stakeholder support
    • critical success factors (eg integration with the wider project, access to model office, availability of system and job specifications, linkage with help desk)
    • the requirement for specialist and ad-hoc training
    • high level plans to identify and recruit the training design and delivery teams and put training resources in place
management of training projects
development of training strategy
conduct of training needs analysis
design, development, build and delivery of training solutions
evaluation of learning
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